Staff Development

Staff Development

We use our experience and systems to partner with your eye care team in creating an exceptional experience for your patients.

Every successful practice has a well-trained and motivated team. Can you imagine what your practice would be like if you had help finding, hiring, training, and motivating a good eye careteam? Could you use help with practical policies and processes that promote team building and improve morale? Reward efforts with incentives and goals?

These are some of the revenue management services our team can offer you:

  • Help your team understand their roles in the office and their impact on its success
    • Job descriptions
    • Systems manual
    • Policy Manual
  • Teambuilding
    • The stages of teaming
    • Personality testing & training
  • Improve Communication
    • Monthly meetings & training sessions
    • Key practice stats
  • Team Management
    • Find candidates
    • Interviewing & hiring
    • Performance evaluations

Get the best people and train them well. Scott McNealy

Top teams:

  • Take action
  • Share leadership
  • Have purpose
  • Are positive
  • Are goal-oriented
  • Are well-trained
  • Are motivated