Revenue Management

Revenue Management

Being your own boss can have its rewards and its challenges. you have done your part by being a good eye doctor. Now it is time to take your practice to the next level.

Can you imagine what your practice would be like if you had help analyzing expenses, setting budgets and forecasting goals? You have lots of practice information and metrics, but how does that translate to a plan? Where are the lost opportunities? How do you get your team on board?

These are some of the revenue management services our team can offer you:

  • Key Metricss
    • Revenue per goal
    • Revenue per patient
    • Capture, collections and PENO rates
  • Fees and Pricing
    • Professional services
    • Frames and lens retail
    • Contact lens services and materials
  • Coding and Documentation
    • Maximize billing
  • Financial Tracking and Forecasting
    • Projections and budgetting
    • Cash flow
    • Business plans