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PVG, a proven track record of coaching private eye care practitioners succeed for more than 25 years.

For more than 25 years we have worked to finely tune our craft of hands on management and marketing support for the private eye care practitioner. We have been in the offices of hundreds of top-notch practices every day, all day, helping owners face and overcome the challenges of business.

We were the first to focus on the fundamentals of healthy, long term growth in recalls, referrals and revenue. We were among the first to apply team building, personality, internal marketing, coding and documentation, procedures and policies and government compliance implementation to private optometry offices.

We are glad to see that a study of the strengths and weaknesses by Review of Optometric Business magazine backs up what we have known for more than two decades - the strength of private practice lies in our people and service. Compare the performance of our group to this data and see for yourself why our members stay members for a very long time.

The team of experts of Professional Vision Group, or "PVG" pull from over 200 years of combined experience in all aspects of our industry - private practice, retail, wholesale and manufacturing to bring experience and know how to your concerns. We have helped build hundreds of successful practices.

This is our life's work.

Our methods are proven and personalized. Our track record is sound and indisputable. Call or email the professionals at PVG and learn how their full-time dedication to eye practice management can help you, too.

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You're Not Alone

Being in private practice doesn't mean you have to be alone!

The team of Professional Vision Group is comprised of industry experts who have worked in all aspects of the eye care industry and now dedicate all of their time and talents to private practice management and marketing.

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Facing Challenges

Private eye care practitioners face many challenges today.

Managed care, government regulation, financing, competition, rising costs and shrinking revenues are just some of the challenges that we have helped the members of Professional Vision Group tackle.

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Staff Development

The secret to a successful practice is having a motivated and well-trained eye care team.

Help your team understand their roles in the office and their impact on its success. We use our experience and systems to partner with your eye care team in creating an exceptional experience for your patients.

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Federal and state regulations have made private practice more complicated.

Implementation of HIPAA has provided better privacy, computer security, and standardized documentation habits for thousands of physicians' offices but have left many private practitioners scratching their heads.

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Revenue Management

Are you finding yourself working harder for less money?

Not sure where your revenues come from or where they go? How do the key metrics of your business stack up to others? We use our experience and systems to get a handle on the financial side of your practice.

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Proven Track Record

Check out our previous successes with our satisfied clients.

We have a proven track record of helping private eye care practitioners succeed for more than 25 years. Here you can see what our clients are saying about us.

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